Cú Chulainn and the Sorcery Twins

Hi friends !

Long time no see, long time no talk, long time no Cú.

Mirlik has been working his a** out in order to get his last book published (120 dates of French History, so 120 drawings) and, as he got some time left, he's been working on Cú Chulainn and Cú Cuc for the last 2 weeks. Which means some 10 new pages about to see the light of day.

We'll publish them as quick batches when they're ready, one each day (for the time it lasts). We'll also draw very near to the end of Cú Cuc Volume 1, which leads me to this :

Whassthat ? Whosthat ?

Cú Chulainn and the Sorcery Twins

Well L&G, let me introduce the SORCERY twins. The two magical beings, from the Siddhe, who will help our favourite hero solve some situations (involving magic) in the main Cú Chulainn storyline.

What about Cú Cuc then ? Well, they might have a role to play there as well. You'll see.

I can hear some of you asking, "has Mirlik" gone back to analogical or what ? Well, yes and no : Mirlik always draws sketches by hand, and sometimes a full illustration like this one. Proof :

This is...  yes, soooo analogical a desk.

This illustration spun out of this quick numeric sketch :

All this to say that, please, bear with us and don't despair, the webcomics are going on, this was a huge hiatus, and we can't promise there won't be other ones, only shorter.

Rendez-Vous in two weeks for the new pages.

Yours Trully, Mirlik & Cath

A Christmas Barel (of procrastination)

Merry christmas and a CucuC new Year !

Hi friends,

As year 2009 is ending, we feel the need to take a few weeks off. For several reasons.

  • First, because we feel like it :) It's been nonstop for us since February 2009, and all our spare time sofar has been solely devoted to Oghme Comics, and... as our wives (yes, we have several each) never fail to remind us, we do have a family too, children, dogs, even gardens to tend (not that we'll do much tending in the dead of winter). Christmas is for familly.

  • Second, because we have a technical problem of sorts. Without going too much into the details, we like to have a buffer of 4 weeks in advance, in addition to the strip being published. We're progressively eaten up our advance, which - as any banker will tell you - is not a good practice ;) And, we truly need it to do things correctly. So we'll use this holiday time to rebuild our buffers. As a rule, each time we go under 4 pages in advance in the next months, we'll have to skip one update to regain that advance. Our aim, before all, is steady quality.

We'll keep you updated on the exact "resuming date" right here (somewhere near the third week of January). If you wish to be kept informed, either subscribe to the RSS FEED (on the top of the right column) or subscribe to the Oghme Comics newsletter here. (no spam, only important updates)

Soo... What's up for 2010 ?

  • We'll conclude CucuC Volume 1, sometime near the end of spring, and hopefully, some printed versions will be available for those who're interested

  • We'll either begin CucuC Volume 2 (which is still a "CucuC" adventure, meaning Setanta before Emain Macha) but will take us amongst warrior troops, the kind which will become the basis for the Fianna of historical Ireland. There will be quite a lot of Morrigan/Badbh (for those who are tired of Oghme), and some blood will be spilled.

  • ... ooor, we can put that aside for 6 months and speed up on the Cuchulainn webcomic, for the rest of year 2010.

Last, we wanted to express our gratitude to our loyal readers and commenters, your words lasses and lads, are our fuel. As much as we'd like to get our comics in print, we're doing this for ourselves as much as for you. Here, a very special thanks to our Oghme translating team, Scán (CucuC and Cuchulainn in German), Dave (Cuchulainn in Gaelic)  and Logodenn Ben Doul (CucuC in Breton).

See you very soon !

Cathbad & Mirlikovir

Oghme Comics in Gaeilge, if you please.

As you might have noticed, if you pay attention to our growing translation-base, a nice little Gaeilge icon has joined the English, French and German ones under the banner of our Cuchulainn website.

Thanks to David Keane, our "Epic of Cuchulainn" Comic is now being translated in Gaeilge ! Whys is this of importance ? Well, obviously, the epic was born in Erin. And it was recorded in ancient Gaeilge by Monks of the 12th century (most likely, it was recorded before, but we have no copy of any earlier manuscript). So, in many respects, having these comics translated in Gaeilge is a very nice way of paying homage to the medieval scholars who brought the best epic of all times to our modern ages.

David Keane has joined the growing multi-ligual team supporters, helping us to make these comics available in as many languages as we can. Along with Logodenn (Breton) and Scán (German), here comes Dave, from Erin. Thanks a lot, man.

Cath & Mirlik

Scán's translating Marathon

Cuchulainn and CucuC now available in German !

Dear readers, just three weeks ago, we had our first user-submited translation of Cúchulainn in German. One page. Only, the anonymous user did not send us a valid email in the translation form, so we never could reach him. Which is a "sine qua non" condition, as far as we're concerned.

Then two weeks ago, another reader, from Germany, submitted a bunch of translated pages to us. I contacted him as soon as I received them and he answered very shortly, that yes, he'd like to give CucuC a try. Two weeks later, more than 110 pages of CucuC and Cuchulainn were translated in German. I'm doing some translations myself, in my spare time for the webcomics I like best (Moon Town & Astray3 on a regular basis, three others on standby, cf. my other portal here : BabelComics). So... I think you'll believe me when I tell you our friend Scán has gone through a translating marathon.

A very nice thing about Scán, is that he also happens to be a writer, and we've been able to exchange a significant quantity of friendly emails in the process, on our favorite subjects. And, Scán never forgets to ask me if he doesn't understand the third meaning in some obscure title of mine or a piece of dialog...

There are more gratifying activities than online publishing of Comic Books. Fishing, Drinking, Dating, to quote a few ;). But every now and then, you happen to meet people who would never had crossed your path, had you not been doing the online publishing in the first place. And it's in these moments, that the whole thing feels worth doing.

Working with Scán definitely falls into this category of events.

Thank you, Scán !

Cath & Mirlik

Inglorious Updaters

Hi friends, readers, mister president and all the people from Mars, Saturn, Alpha Centauri and Tahiti ! And yes, Paris too :)

Mirlikovir has just signed an additional 3 contracts, for French illustrated books due next year (first in spring) in addition to his already heavy schedule. This is good new, for as long as Mirlik will be able to make a living from his art, this will guaranty more CucuC and Cuchulainn for us all. And as most of you already know, this is supposed to be a long webcomic, totaling more than 600 full colored pages as it is planned.

Sofar this year, we've managed, in our spare time, to deliver more than 100 pages of CucuC + Cuchulainn, which is an average 3 full pages a week. This schedule is what we aim for, and always will. However, Mirlik having signed some more book deals for 2010, we will have to slow down to 2 updates a week for the next 3/4 months, time enough for him to take a good head start on his paid projects. So : 1 CucuC on Mondays, 1 Cuchulainn on Thursdays.

CucuC and Cuchulainn are our personal favorite, our little babies, and if we've made it sofar thanks to your support, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to go on until we reach the end of the story.

So please, bear with us, and continue giving us your support with your comments.:)


CucuC translated in Breton !

Heya readers :)

CucuC is now being translated in Breton thanks to one of our readers : logodenn-benn-doull (which is the way you say batman in, Breton !! ), who is about to become a Breton teacher.

He's been offering to do the translations using our new "translate this page" feature you can find at the bottom of each of CucuC and Cuchulainn Pages, between the transcription and the comment section.

This is great news for us, for we live in Bretagne, and we're far from being fluent enough in Breton to even try and do it ourselves. Breton is one of the celtic languages of the Brythonic branch (which includes Welsh, Breton, Cornish, Cumbric, and possibly also Pictish), the other branches being Goidelic (including Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Manx), the Celtiberian branch and the Gaulish branch. It's nice to be able to deliver CucuC and Cuchulainn in a Celtic language !

So, all our thanks go to logodenn-benn-doull, for whom Mirlik has drawn a special bookmark for the occasion.

Here is the message we received from Logodenn :

hi guys, we're a new krew of middle east of little brittany and we are trying to paint walls in order to spread our culture, and Fight against the fascist recovery of the iconographic representation of the Celtic culture, trough graffiti's art. we 're also think that the material(subject) of Brittany being rather rich that we do not fetch our influences somewhere else...we 're very interesested by your work, continue like that lads
see ya

hey, paotred
ni zo ni un ekip neuwé a vomberion liw hag eh eump é anse strewein hor kultur ni en our livein mangoérieù...arriv eump chwéc'h é welet er fachisted é laerezh hon hereh d'az kaoz eh amp da liwein mangoérieù get tudenneù e denna de zanné Breih...trawal' geti ni beus ket afer monet de glask hon awen pelloc'h...na braw hou tresasenneù darlc'het mat paotred....
betak ar yeutan

Stan march, er vuoc'h zul56, Sin,  er paotr logodenn-benn-doull a gêr Gotam, lukian 'gerzhenoabl, iwan bolivar T.D.Krew, S-I-S, M-E.Krew in full effect

Following the text was an image I also add to this post as a real size, Amergin Mac Eccit fanart

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