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Wednesday, October 28 2009

Aoife, Feathers and War Paintings - or WTF is this Oghme Comics' Feather Fetish ?

Cuchulainn with war paintingsAoife, Feathers & War Paintings (Unpub Material!!)

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Thursday, February 26 2009

Our Setanta

How does a five years old boy become, in less than one year, the youngest hero of Ulster ? Which byroad will lead Setanta from Airgdig to Emain Macha and how is he to become the fierce Hound of Culann, Cuchulainn ?

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Wednesday, February 25 2009


vignette_balor.jpgBalor, one of the most impressive characters of Irish Celtic Mythology. One eyed (?) Giant, whose occular globe throws a flood of liquid poison, is the champion of the Fomore army in the Second Battle of Mag Tured

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