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Iron Age Natives Series - Warrior with Helm

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Iron Age Natives - A Tribute Exhibition to Edward S. Curtis

You might or might not have heard of Edward Sheriff Curtis (February 16, 1868 – October 19, 1952) who was a photographer of the American West and of Native American peoples. His works are an astounding source for anyone interested in the Native American Cultures. But it's also extremely valuable for anyone who tries and figure out how natives of all tribal cultures from Europe might have lived.

When dealing with Iron Age or Neolithic cultures, as a matter of fact, with any culture leaving under the same climate as native American people, similarly "advanced" (BIG QUOTES) technologically, the astounding archive of photos published by Edward Curtis is an inexhaustible source for inspiration : costumes, poses, war paintings, artefacts,... the list is endless.

Sometime this year, I lent Mirlikovir my copy of "The North American Indian", which he read thoroughly from cover to cover during the night, then again the day after. He then made some (very inspired in my opinion) paintings of well known Tain characters, inspiring himself from Curtis' work.

We thought we had a concept for a funny experiment, an Edward Curtis like display of character portraits, only not from the late XIXth / early XXth century American natives, but from the Iron Age Celts. As if we could really have gone there with an old Gaumont view camera, and taken photographs of Natives of Old Ireland. We truly hope you'll like this series, and invite you to visit our Celtic Heroes site every Wednesday for the "photograph" of the week, then back on Sundays to see the original art.

Yours, sincerely
Cathbad & Mirlikovir

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