Wednesday, April 8 2009  

Lawrence - His Majesty's Dragons

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Lawrence, main character from Naomi Novik's Series His Majesty's Dragons

I made a drawing of Lawrence sometime last year, between two projects. Well, it's supposed to be Lawrence, as I figured him. The mood might bit too sombre, but that's what came at the time.

   * Crested Helmet (mix between English Lifeguards and French Dragons)
* Pilot Jacket (leather jacket similar to those English pilot wore during WWII) embroidered with patterns often found on Hussard/Dragons/Lifeguards' vests.
* Sabre : "Epée forte" (strong sword ?) in the Napoleonian "Cuirassiers" style (but there were equivalents on the other side of the channel )
* Breastplate : embroidered with patterns from Hussards/Lifeguards' breastplates.
* Harness : the piece of equipment without which this wouldn't be Lawrence.


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1. On Monday, August 3 2009, 20:34 by Amos
US-flag (US) 

That's a good series, and you guys draw a mean comic.

2. On Tuesday, August 4 2009, 03:08 by cathbad
FR-flag (FR) 

@Amos : Hey thanks ;)
And Yes, Temeraire is an amazing series. Mirlikovir did some other Naomi Novik fanart, we'll try and post them sometime.

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