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Morrigan - the Three Faced Goddess of War

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Morrigan, Bodbh, Macha - the three faces of the War Goddess (grey and blue pencil)

Morrigan (the great queen), Bodbh (the crow) and Macha (the plain). We have here a perfect example of the dumezilian tripartite separation of society : First function, (kingship, Morrigan), second function (warriors, Bodbh) and third function (production, Macha). In our stories, Morrigan is not and old crone anymore. This is another visual cliché we wanted to get rid of (Morrigan has been translated for many years as "ghost queen"). So here is the crone,... for the last time.

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1. On Monday, June 22 2009, 14:05 by Desruadh
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Every time I come back here it just keeps getting better and better!

As if it wasn't enough to have CucuC and the Cúchulainn Saga, you supply us with these fantastic depictions of the Gods and Heroes!

Absolutely tremendous!

Slán, agus go dtí sin...

2. On Tuesday, June 23 2009, 03:08 by Mirlikovir
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mein Herr,
As another Hero from another story would have said,

Thank you sai,
long days and pleasant nights :-)

3. On Tuesday, June 23 2009, 10:02 by Desruadh
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You're more than welcome!

If I may be so bold however, the correct form of address would be "a dhuine uasail", you see, I'm Irish, I just happen to be living in Germany at this moment in time :-)

But there was no way you could have known that :-)


4. On Wednesday, June 24 2009, 13:23 by mirlikovir
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A dhuine uasail,
we were on the verge of guessing something like that ! :-)

Btw, did you know that germany is our second readers source in the world, just after the UK/US/AU/NZ ?

überwältigend benutzerverhalten , Sie machen ihnen großes Vergnügen !

5. On Wednesday, September 16 2009, 19:59 by Roxxi Night
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Thank you,

The information on Morrigan is fantastic. It has helped me find more than enough information.

Roxxi :[

6. On Thursday, September 17 2009, 02:04 by cathbad
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@Roxxi Night : Our pleasure !
Glad this helped you :)

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