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Wednesday, July 8 2009

Lug, at last !

Lug rushing to the BattleField (2nd Battle of Mag Tured)

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Wednesday, June 24 2009

Cernunnos, the Horned God

Cernunnos, mysterious horned god - Celtic?... or much Older pagan god ?

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Wednesday, June 17 2009

Morrigan - the Three Faced Goddess of War

Three faces of the war Goddess : Morrigan, Bodbh, Macha

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Wednesday, May 20 2009

Oghme (Ogme, Ogmios) - Character study

Oghme is a Tuatha dé Danan, like most Irish gods of old.

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Wednesday, May 13 2009

Oghme and the Breton Ankou. Avatars ?

But where does the Breton Ankou come from ?

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Wednesday, May 6 2009

Oghme wearing a Wolf Skin (Tribute to Marc DĂ©ceneux)

Tribute to Marc DĂ©ceneux. New illustration of Oghme, the somber Celtic God.

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Wednesday, March 4 2009

Lug confronts Balor

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