Tuesday, May 5 2009  

Lousy Parts (Making of CucuC p.11)

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Eleventh episode of CucuC, and Third featuring bovine kiwi actor Randall. Follow-up to our interview.

Lousy parts are every actor's lot

R :I told you already, my part sucks. At the same time, I can't tell you more because this is under profesional secret, but you can see for yourselves. In the real world, the young Brat, this Setanta, and I'm not even talking about the other two, wouldn't last long in a ranch. A cow blows in his nose and he starts crying ! In the CucuC story, he's supposed to be a tough one. I didn't write the script. That's the way it is. When you read the script headlines, it's obvious the Cathbad guy at oghme comics should consider doing something else for a living. "Faolan is Back". Who cares ? I mean, who gives a damn about the dog in this story (...)

R : E-xa-ctly. Fives days with your head stuck into a polystyren tree trunk while you're being hauled by your hind legs, isn't the most gratifying of experiences. This shooting session would never end. I almost went berserk. Their cardboard props, I mean, three blows with me horns, and they can send the Apollo guys back to fetch em on the moon (...)

R : Yep, I'm quite proud of this one. I won't deny my acting exceeds expectations. Did you notice how fast I can switch expressions ? On one frame I wear an expression of utter bovarian existential dismay - Bo-va-rian mind you, not bovine - and on the next, a mindblowing display of raw physical pain ! Yup, I'm fast (...)

Retour à votre lecture de CucuC !

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