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Low Budget Indie Motion Capture (Making of Cucuc p.14)

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As technologies from the Movies industry become cheaper, they become available to niche markets such as online web comics. Making of  the  Fourteenth CucuC episode

Low-end Mocap and Domestic troubles.

Sample of the interview given to the weekly newspaper "Bretagne au Naturel", September 2008

We designed our CG studio all by ourselves : render-farm, Mocap stage, Character rigging and animation. You'd be amazed at how much those technologies have improved over the past few years. The Andy Serkis' pioneer era is history. All you need now is a pair of hand held DV cameras, some stickers, an over sized green cotton sheet. And you're ready to go. For the render-farm, we re-worked the code of a Trojan virus. You know, the kind that hangs on your computer computing data for obscure Illuminati activist groups. They use your computer to calculate things like the number of holes per square kilometres in the Arizona desert, the average birthday of humanity since cro-magnon, which amazingly is oscillating around Independence Day,   and stuff... like... the real age of Christ, cause he was born seven years before himself, you know, and you need computers to sort those things out. Don't ask me why, obviously, it's obscure. Anyway, our opensource program self-installed itself on more than  ten thousand computers around the world, which now compute for us. All legitimate. GPL'ed viruses. That's the trick.

Very early in pre-production, we knew we would have to rely heavily upon CG for special effect shots. Only, we were as broke as Job on his dung heap. Only building we could afford was this old farm in the Black Mountains, we now call Oghme Cottage. When I first saw the Barn, I instantly knew this HAD to be our Mocap Set. It's an old slaughterhouse, with chains hanging from the rafters and all. Great place, really. Full of history.

Yep, sound carries far in the mountains and we might have scared some of the old chaps a little bit, but we presented them with our excuses. You're referring to the Neolithic Boar scenes, at the end of season 1, obviously. There were heavy sound effects, no mistake. We used that huge foghorn Mirlikovir bargained on ebay. Heaaaavy sound.

The old lady with her cats ? We're not fond of each other... I'm sorry to tell you that the woman really has no taste for the arts. And she is deaf anyway, so why all the fuss with the press about disturbance of nocturnal peace and all ? She most likely wanted to join our set as an extra. Only she sued us before asking politely.

As a matter of fact, you're right, she won. Lawyer told the judge we were encouraging the use of tobacco on a G-rated production. And yes, I've seen the photographs. But it's CG for god's sake ! This cigarette was just a prop. Nothing more. I quit seven years ago ! And I don't have the pox. Those are stickers !! (...)  It sure is a tough business.


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