Hi friends !

Long time no see, long time no talk, long time no Cú.

Mirlik has been working his a** out in order to get his last book published (120 dates of French History, so 120 drawings) and, as he got some time left, he's been working on Cú Chulainn and Cú Cuc for the last 2 weeks. Which means some 10 new pages about to see the light of day.

We'll publish them as quick batches when they're ready, one each day (for the time it lasts). We'll also draw very near to the end of Cú Cuc Volume 1, which leads me to this :

Whassthat ? Whosthat ?

Cú Chulainn and the Sorcery Twins

Well L&G, let me introduce the SORCERY twins. The two magical beings, from the Siddhe, who will help our favourite hero solve some situations (involving magic) in the main Cú Chulainn storyline.

What about Cú Cuc then ? Well, they might have a role to play there as well. You'll see.

I can hear some of you asking, "has Mirlik" gone back to analogical or what ? Well, yes and no : Mirlik always draws sketches by hand, and sometimes a full illustration like this one. Proof :

This is...  yes, soooo analogical a desk.

This illustration spun out of this quick numeric sketch :

All this to say that, please, bear with us and don't despair, the webcomics are going on, this was a huge hiatus, and we can't promise there won't be other ones, only shorter.

Rendez-Vous in two weeks for the new pages.

Yours Trully, Mirlik & Cath