This week, we feature another of Nadia Sanchez's illustration : Sybil - a Dark variation on the theme of Prophetesses.

Among the most celebrated Sibyls was the prodigious Sybil of Cumae. Loved by Apollo, she was granted as many years of life as the number of grains of sand would fit in her hand but she forgot to ask for enduring youth. With passing centuries, she aged and became a well known augur who SIBILATED or WHISPERed the will of gods. When Aeneas met her she was 700 hundred years old, quite senile and shrivled. She survived in a bottle hanging from the ceiling of the cavern in Cumae near the entrance of Hades or Hell. Virgil asserts that the Sybil guided Aeneas to the underworld in search of his beloved Dido.(source

As we might have said already, Nadia Sanchez, La Petite Fée Déglinguée (which can be translated by "the little dilapidated faery", and it's not us calling her that, it's her pen name) lives near the magnificent Chartres Cathedral, in France. If, like us, you are a fan of mythology, medieval history and fantasy, you should pay her deviant art page a visit. It definitely is worth a detour.

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