It's been a long time since we designed the first Oghme Comics portal, and we just couldn't stand it anymore.

If you're used to our websites, you'll already know we're on the Cluttered side of the Force. So in our quest for the uncluttering of OGhme Comics, we had to begin with the Oghme Comics Portal.

We also wanted our two main webcomics, CucuC and Cuchulainn to gain more visibility, as it's mainly what we're about, eh ? We'll be discontinuing the "Making Of" section for now, as we have a lot of work producing your weekly page of CucuC on Mondays, your two pages of Cuchulainn on Thursday and Friday, and a Celtic Hero for Wednesdays. We're also participating in the BabelComics experiment, which takes what little time remains. But hopefully you'll benefit from it as we intend to bring to you through BabelComics some French webcomics in English for you to read :)

I'll write an article on our first guest, Steve Ogden, author of the webcomic Moon Town, now also available as Luna Ville for our French speaking readers.

And, last but not least, this is a rough "maquette" of the new portal, but we just couldn't wait to get rid of the ancient design. So, it'll gain some colour in the following days, and a better "article / comments / ..." display.

And Please, Tell us what you think of it !!

NB : the little cross-hatching used for the delimitation of this design are samples of the ancient Celtic scripture known under the name of Ogham (ogam, oghame). Unlike other post-neolithic cultures (Sumerian or Minoean for example), the Celt never used the Ogham alphabet for materiall matters considered trivial (accounting, reports,...). It was instead reserved for magical purposes, and to be used only by members of the sacerdotal class, with some very special exceptions (guess who ?). Engraved on border-stones especially, they would act as a no trespassing limit.As you're a most attentive reader, you haven't missed the euphony between the words Ogham and Oghme. The god Oghme (our boss here at Oghme Comics, cf. The End of Making Of)  is believed to have invented the Ogham alphabet.